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Cell phone ban in jails proposed

Foto: Scanpix
The Norwegian government wants to ban all use of cell phones in Norwegian jails because of reports stating that cell phones are used to plan escapes.

Due to the many escapes from Swedish jails this summer, where the inmates planed and escaped from jail with the aid of cell phones, the Norwegian government now wants to ban all use of cell phones in jails. According to the authorities, they have proof that cell phones have been used to plan escapes from several Norwegian jails, reported the Norwegian television channel NRK.

With the new restrictions, both employees at the jails and lawyers will be banned from brining along their cell phones to work, stated Andreas Skulberg, department head at Kriminalomsorgsavdelingen, Ministry of Justice, to NRK.

However, the lawyers are not thrilled. Harald Stabell at Den Norske Advokatforening (the Norwegian lawyers’ association) said that they want proof that there is a problem that lawyers bring in cell phones in Norwegian jails, before they accept the ban proposed by the government.

«We can not accept reductions of freedom and breach of trust if there is no documentation to indicate that there is a need for it,» Stabell said.

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