Charged arsonist made firebug song

Foto: Kolbjørn H Larssen

The 15-year-old boy suspected of arson on Sørarnøy, Norway, wrote a song about starting fires.

11.02.04 13:05

The small community on Sørarnøy in Norland lived in fear after five cases of arson.

Two 15-year-old boys have been charged for four of the five cases of arsons. One of the 15-year-olds is also suspected of being behind the fifth, and he had now apparently written a song about one of the fires.

In the song «Naustet i Vika» (The boathouse in Vika) the 15-year-old boy sings about how he lit it on fire and «ran away happy.»

Arsonist’s lyrics
The 15-year-old is the singer of the band «The Drunkers.» The band has issued a CD in about 20 copies where the shocking song is listed as number five.

«It was I who burned down the boat house out by Vika. I lit the place, and then ran away happy» the boy sings, according to the paper Avisa Nordland.

«Naustet» is a real house, which is connected to the private, local museum on the island. It burned to the ground November 24 of last year. The fire was the first of five fires on the island before the two 15-year-olds were charged in January.

No regrets
«I have no regrets. It was good to get the deed done,» the song continues.

The boy explained to the local paper that the song was a mistake and it should never have been made.

«We didn’t mean to offend anyone, and we have decided to remove the song from the collection,» the boy said.

Could have been without
«I could have been without this,» said Edmund Mortensen, who owns the private museum with his brothers. It was a great loss for him after several buildings were destroyed by fire.

The two 15-year-olds are charged with malicious mischief. The prosecuting authority will probably make a decision in March.

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