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Cheap tickets gave huge sale

Discount tickets fill Norwegian’s planes.

Norwegian reacted immediately after SAS Braathen’s announced its low fare campaign in May. Already the following day, Norwegain announced its offers.

Three of four seats sold
The campaign brought results, and the number of passengers who travelled with Norwegian increased with as much as 40,000 from April to May this year. The increase amounts to 25 percent.

According to new numbers, the so-called cabin factor on domestic routes in May ended up at as much as 74 percent. In other words, the company managed to sell three of four available seats this month.

However, Norwegian’s international routes were not as popular. In total, Norwegian’s cabin factor ended at 69 percent when the international flights are included. This is still a great improvement compared to last year when the cabin factor in May only amounted to 58 percent.

Less to go on
However, Norwegian makes less and less per sold ticket. The ticket income per sold passenger kilometre, i.e. yield, is only NOK 0.70 (USD 0.10) in May, compared to NOK 0.99 (USD 0.14) as recently as March of this year.

«The yield development is connected to the start of 14 new routes in April and May, as a new route normally will have a lower yield,» stated the Norwegian management in a press release.

Bjørn Kjos, head of Norwegian, stated that the company is not planning to increase the number of destinations to any considerable extent during the next six months, but will in stead focus on getting a positive turnover.

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