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Cheaper gas as of today

The price of gas is on it way down again in Norway. Today the large companies are cutting the price for the second time this week.

Esso, Hydro Texaco and Statoil are informing that they are cutting gas prices Friday. Esso cuts the prices as of today, while Hydro Texaco and Statoil will wait until after the weekend before they are allowing the customers to enjoy the lower prices.

“The price decrease is due to the decrease in international gas prices the last couple of days in spite of the increase in the dollar exchange rate, said Erik Bagle, head of information at Esso to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Esso cuts the suggested price on 95 octane unleaded gas with 15 øre to NOK 9.54.

According to the business, the reason for the price decrease, which arrives after the gas prices have increased continuously this summer, is that driving season is coming to an end on the northern hemisphere.

“We are approaching the end of the driving season on the northern hemisphere and the effect is lower demand, and the crude oil price is at a level which is a couple of dollars lower than it was during August. On Thursday, the price on the latter was approximately US$28, compared with about US$30 in the end of August,” Bagle explained.

Hydro Texaco is also lowering its prices with 15 øre to NOK 9.48.

A message from the company stated, “We will follow the price cut of our competitors, and we will cut the price as fast as possible.”

Statoil informed TV 2 Nettavisen that it would offer lower prices as of Monday.

“We are cut our prices as fast as possible, possible Monday morning,” Morten Henriksrud, head of information said.

Statoil price per litre ends at NOK 9.57.

The diesel prices are also on its way down. Several of the companies TV 2 Nettavisen contacted Friday said we could expect prices close to NOK 8.33 per litre.


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