Chess wonderboy meets Kasparov

The Norwegian chess wiz Magnus Carlsen, age 13, beat the former world champion Anatolij Karpov, but Garry Kasparov was just too good. Carlsen meets Kasparov again on Thursday.

22.03.04 12:53

Carlsen was invited to the tournament in Reykjavik where the living legends Garry Kasparov and Anatolij Karpov were among the players.

Everyone played against everyone on Wednesday, and Carlsen had to play 15 games. They were hard and he ended up with four modest points.

But he still managed to trick Karpov. He also played remise against Aronian, who pushed down the great favourite Kasparov to a second place. Against Kasparov Carlsen lost after just 21 moves.

Wednesday’s tournament decided who was going to meet who in the knock-out games which start Thursday. Carlsen ended up as number 15, and he meets number 2, no one other than Kasparov.

It is an honor to just to play against Kasparov. The last Norwegian to play against him was Carlsen’s coach, Simen Agdestein, who in 1989 lost three times during a short period of time.

«He is brave and talented, and may get very far,» said Kasparov of Carlsen recently.

Kasparov and Karpov, who fought many battles for the World Championship title during the 1980s, met yet again for a seldom game on Island during the tournament. This time, they played remise.

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