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Child chess wiz surprised Kasparov

13-year-old Magnus Carlsen brought Garry Kasparov to his knees, but the world number one defended himself with everything he got and won the duel.

19.03.04 18:08

The child chess wiz got a beating by Kasparov, age 40, in Reykjavik Wednesday, but he was hitting back Thursday evening. The chess legend was impressed by the young Magnus:

«If the circumstances are right, he can join the fight to become the best in the world,» said Kasparov to TV 2 Nyhetene.

The two of them have played against each other twice to determine who would play in the quarter-final.

Kasparov, who has been considered the world’s greatest chess player the last twenty years, was shocked after the first round. The 13-year-old boy took advantage of a small mistake the grand master committed and thereby gained the upper hand, but Carlsen used too much time, and the game ended in remise.

Regardless, the result is very good and surprising because according to the ranking Kasparov would logically win 83 of 100 games against the young boy. Kasparov won the second and vital game in the cup duel. When he got the upper hand, he showed no mercy.

Massive interest
The interest surrounding the duel between the world champion and the young Norwegian boy has been enormous. Not only were the Norwegian paper VG and the television channels NRK and TV 2 present, but on the Internet chess club ICC as many as 1705 people followed the game at the same time, in addition, the logged onto the organizers home page.

The games:

Carlsen - Kasparov, 1. game Reykjavik Rapid

1. d4 d5
2. c4 c6
3. Sf3 Sf6
4. Sc3 e6
5. Lg5 Sbd7
6. e3 Da5
7. Sd2 Lb4
8. Dc2 0-0
9. Le2 e5
10. 0-0 exd4
11. Sb3 Db6
12. exd4 dxc4
13. Lxc4 a5
14. a4 (So far the score is quite equal) 14 - Dc7
15. Tae1 h6
16. Lh4 Ld6
17. h3 Sb6
18. Lxf6 Sxc4
19. Se4 Lh2+
20. Kh1 Sd6?! (A mistake which gives Magnus the oportunity to take the initiative)
21. Kxh2! Sxe4+
22. Le5 Sd6
23. Dc5 Td8
24. d5! Dd7
25. Sd4 Sf5
26. dxc6 bxc6
27. Sxc6 Te8
28. Td1 De6
29. Tfe1 (White has secured a farmer and has a great advantage) 29 - Lb7
30. Sd4?! (Magnus ran out of time. Here Sxa5 would have been better) 30 - Sxd4
31. Dxd4 Dg6
32. Dg4 Dxg4
33. hxg4 Lc6
34. b3 f6
35. Lc3 Txe1
36. Txe1 Ld5
37. Tb1 Kf7
38. Kg3 Tb8
39. b4 axb4
40. Bxb4 Lc4
41. a5 La6
42. f3 Kg6
43. Kf4 h5
44. gxh5+ Kxh5
45. Th1+ Kg6
46. Lc5 Tb2
47. Kg3 Ta2
48. Lb6 Kf7
49. Tc1 g5
50. Tc7+ Kg6
51. Tc6 Lf1
52. Lf2 and the parties agree on a remise

(Comments based on Deep Fritz 8)

Kasparov - Carlsen, 2. parti Reykjavik Rapid

1. c4 Sf6
2. Sc3 g6
3. e4 (Kasparov repetes the surprising open moves from Wednesday, but as early as here he changes, maybe in fear that Magnus has something new planned) 3 - d6
4. d4 Lg7
5. Sf3 0-0
6. Le2 e5
7. Le3 7 - exd4
8. Sxd4 c6
9. f3 Te8
10. Lf2 d5
11. exd5 cxd5
12. c5 Sc6
13. 0-0 Sh5 (So far is this just ”ordinary theory”, this have been played many times before)
14. Dd2 Le5
15. g3 Lh3?! (A questionable move which probably gives Kasparov the little advantage he needs)
16. Tfe1 Sg7
17. Tad1 Tc8
18. Sdb5! (White improves its position move for move) 18 - a6
19. Sd6 Lxd6
20. cxd6 d4
21. Se4 Lf5? (Last chance for Ld7, but white is in the best position)
22. d7! Lxd7
23. Lxd4 Sxd4
24. Dxd4 Sf5
25. Dxd7 Db6+
26. Kh1 Ted8
27. Da4 Txd1
28. Dxd1 Dxb2
29. Db1 Tc2
30. Dxb2 Txb2
31. Lc4 Sd4
32. Te3 Magnus gave up here
(Comments based on Deep Fritz 8)

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