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Child witnessed the murder of his mother

A 2-year-old saw his mother being stabbed to death. His father was arrested for the murder yesterday.

When the police arrived at the apartment, the 39-year-old man opened the door covered in blood, carrying his 2-year-old son. Inside the apartment, the boy’s mother was found mortally wounded.

According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, the boy’s father has been arrested suspected of murdering his live-in girlfriend in the couple’s apartment in Hisingen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The woman called the police late Sunday night and desperately pleaded for help.

“I’m being threatened by my live-in boyfriend,” she said.

The police arrived too late.

Opened the door covered in blood

When the police arrived, the woman’s boyfriend opened the door, with their son on his arm, covered in blood.

“He had a 2-year-old child on his arm, he was covered in blood, and in the apartment his girlfriend was found bleeding badly,” said Ronald Bagge at the Gothenburg police.

The 37-year-old woman was still alive, but her vitals were very weak. An ambulance was called, and she went into surgery, but the doctors did not manage to save her life. She died about an hour later on the operating table.

Heard screams

Several neighbours heard screams from the couple’s apartment.

“My wife and I sat and watched television when we heard something,” said one of the closest neighbours. “When we turned down the volume, we heard as scream from her, and then from the child. Then it was all quiet.”

The people living in the apartment complex are shocked by the incident. According to the neighbours, the couple had been living there for about two years, and there had never been any trouble before. The couple’s son has been turned over to social services.


The 39-year-old man has no prior record, and the motive is still unclear.

The police have collected evidence, interviewed neighbours, and taken tests of the man.

“All possible evidence has been secured,” Bagge said. “We are gotten far in the investigation.”

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