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Christian politician charged with murder

The police in Hordaland arrested yesterday a 31-year-old Christian politician for contributing to the murder of a physically challenged person. The arrestee was listed as a political candidate for the Christian Democrats party at this fall’s local election.

The man, who was last week charged with contributing to murder of a wheelchair bound person through negligent behaviour, was arrested Thursday. New information revealed yesterday provided the police with the necessary information to arrest the person, who was the victim's landlord.

“We had reason to believe that the 31-year-old had contributed to the murder. The new information which was revealed last night strongly supports this suspicion,” said Svein Egil Krogvold, police inspector at Hordaland police district to TV 2 Nettavisen.

He does not wish to comment on the new information revealed, but said that the information provides the basis to somewhat change the charge against the individual.

The detainee will meet for his hearing 12:45 p.m. this afternoon to determine if he will remain in custody during the remaining investigation.

Have lied before

According to VG Nett, the 31-year-old is a Christian Democrat politician, and he was a candidate for the party at the local election in Bergen this fall.

The man’s 25-year-old brother was arrested earlier and admitted to the murder. The 25-year-old committed suicide shortly after he was detained. The police have reason to believe that the two brothers planned the murder together.

The 25-year-old lived for a while in the top floor of his brother’s house. The police have allegedly kept an eye on the 31-year-old for a long time. The man had allegedly been in conflict with the victim and the man has earlier admitted that he has lied to the police during questionings.

Brother confessed

Mentz Dankert Løtvedt, age 59, who was dependent on a wheelchair, was found murdered June 12 in Åsane, Bergen. The 25-year-old brother confessed that he killed the 59-year-old man June 6.

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