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Church placed dead son in the garage

It was a hard blow for the couple to loose their first born son, but then the church provided the second blow when they placed the casket in an old garage.

The parents could hardly believe their own eyes when they arrived at Nedre Eiker church in Buskerud. A church servant showed them the way to an old garage, and there among sacks of sand, old tables and gardening equipment, their son’s casket was supposed to be stored until the funeral.

According to the local paper Drammens Tidende, the parents just fell apart.

“We managed collect ourselves when we had driven away from the church,” the mother explained to the paper. “There was no way that our son was to lay there until the funeral. We turned around and had him taken to the hospital chapel at Sykehuset Buskerud.”

The vicar has explained to the parents that they “are not used to the relatives sees this.” The vicar allegedly gave an impression that the time had come to change the routines.

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