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Clinton visits Oslo

As Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit Oslo next week and meet with the prime minister and the foreign affairs department, the Oslo police are evaluating the situation closely and preparing the necessary security measures. They are expecting large costs connected to the visit.

The Oslo police are currently preparing Bill Clinton’s visit to Norway, and the security measures required are similar to those used last time he visited the country.

“A former American president has always security requirements connected to his person,” said Pål Fivel, police inspector at Oslo police district. “At the same time, there would have been a different kind of security requirements if Clinton was still president.”

Large costs

The police will not as yet estimate the costs of Clinton’s visit.

“We are working with the costs, but we only have a tentative program right now, but there are always a lot of costs connected to these kinds of operations,” Fivel stated.

Looking forward to the visit

Kjell Magne Bondevik, the Norwegian prime minister, said to TV 2 that he is looking forward to Clinton’s visit.

Bondevik said he would not be surprised if Clinton plans to ask for funding for the battle against AIDS.


The Oslo police are closely working together with the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) in order to prepare for the visit.

Trond Hugubakken, head of information at PST, did not want to comment the agency’s specific role connected with the operation.

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