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Controversial Poll to judge Rosenborg

Controversial English referee Graham Poll will judge Rosenborg's match against Deportivo La Coruna on Wednesday.

Referee Graham Poll tends to get in trouble when judging matches and the Englishman is scheduled to judge Rosenborg against Deportivo La Coruna in Trondheim, Norway, on Wednesday.

Graham Poll is infamous due to his frequent use of the yellow and red cards. These are some of his controversial matches:

In the European Championship qualifier between Norway and Denmark he consequently judged free kicks against John Carew. Even Fredrik Winsnes reacted: «This is the worst behaviour I have ever seen from a referee towards one person. He must have a major problem with Carew», said Winsnes.

Norway's march against Slovenia in 2000. «I felt completely helpless. He was against me all the time», said John Carew after the match that sent Norway out of the championship.

** Graham Poll later admitted that he was wrong to give the Czech Republic a penalty against France.

** Last season Poll avoided giving Sheffield United an obvious free kick against Arsenal. As Arsenal rushed forwards, the referee ran into one of the Sheffield players and Arsenal scored the last and crucial goal of the match seconds later. Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock demanded Poll suspended after the match.

** Poll annulled two adequate Italian goals in the world championship mach against Croatia. The Italians lost 1-2 and were close to losing their space in the championship. Poll was not allowed to judge more matches in the championship.

** The referee stirred aggression in Arsenal after they lost 1-3 to Newcastle, by sending Ray Parlour off for no reason. Even Alan Shearer asked for mercy.

** Chelsea's Jokanovic was sent off for no apparent reason in a match against Fulham and Poll had to swallow a lot of criticism after the match.

** As Sunderland played Manchester United the same year, three players were sent off the pitch.

** In 2000 he sent three players off as Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 at Highbury. Poll completely lost control over the match after sending Gary McAllister off early on.

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