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Convicted triple murderess as calendar girl

Sist oppdatert:
The Bergen branch of Norwegian animal rights organization Dyrebeskyttelsen uses the convicted triple murderess Kristin Kirkemo Haukeland as a calendar girl, something which not at all sat well with everyone.

Dyrebeskyttelsen in Bergen has now issued this year’s calendar for sale, and it is full of celebrities’ pictures with and without animals.

Kristin Kirkemo Haukeland, convicted triple murderess, is one of the people pictured in the calendar. She is pictured with her three dogs, a picture taken when she was out on leave this summer. Her three German Shepherds are currently living at her father’s as she is serving a prison sentence for being an accomplice in the murder of Harald Orderud’s uncle, aunt and cousin.

The murder of the three family members at the Orderud family farm in May 1999 became the most discussed murder case in Norwegian history. A total of four people were convicted in the case; the son and brother of the victims and his wife, in addition to Kirkemo Haukeland, the son’s ex girlfriend, and a friend of Kikemo Haukeland.

“I guess everyone has a relation to animals, whether or not he or she is a criminal,” said Harald Orderud to TV 2 Nyhetene. “Care for the animals is Dyrebeskyttelsen’s main idea. We care for animals and care for children, but I wonder how people would have reacted if there was a picture of someone who had killed a child in a calendar for Save the Children. There is a parallel here.”


Orderud asks people to skip Kirkemo Haukeland’s month in the calendar.

“I’m hoping that people just skip hanging up that month,” Orderud said. “It is just a harsh reminder of what we have been through during the last five years, something we still are trying to deal with.”

Lene Løtvedt, photographer and member of the animal rights organization, was the one who took the pictures.

“You can’t just discriminate people just because they are in jail,” Løtvedt stated.

Norwegian handball star Mia Hundvin.
Norwegian handball star Mia Hundvin.

Løtvedt said that what Kirkemo Haukeland is convicted of has nothing to do with why she was chosen as a model. She assures that the choice was made independent of her current life situation.

“The people we selected for the calendar, we selected because they love animals,” Løtvedt explained.

She admitted, however, that she could understand that Orderud reacted to the choice.

“Yes, of course,” Løtvedt said. “But we must not forget that this is not the first time Kristin is in the media.”

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