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Couple earn major bucks on stage sex

KRISTIANSAND/OSLO (TV 2 Nettavisen): The couple, who had sex on stage during a concert this summer, are earning major bucks on the stunt.

Tommy Hol Ellingsen. 28, and Petra Leona Johansson, 21, are earning NOK 80,000 (USD 12,530) monthly after the episode in Kristiansand this summer.

The Norwegian paper VG reports that the couple before the «Fuck for Forest» stunt had 200 members and NOK 25,000 (USD 3,917) in the bank. Four months later, the couple state that they have NOK 300,000 (USD 47,000) in the bank, which means that 900 customers every month pay to watch the couple having sex on the Internet.

Ellingsen said to TV 2 Nettavisen that all the money they receive should be donated to the rainforest, but admits that they use about 15 percent of the money.

«Until two months ago, we lived off unemployment benefits,» Ellingsen said. «We don’t get benefits now, so we use about NOK 10,000 (USD 1,567) to survive. But we have collected about NOK 300,000 (USD 47,000) for the cause.»

Doing well
«It has been going really well after all the attention we got,» Ellingsen said to the Norwegian paper VG. «We wanted to shock. We got attention, and the income is going to the rainforest. We have gotten offers to participate in films, but we make our own. We will soon be mentioned as the month’s best website by the American Hustler magazine. That’s big. We have also been contacted by Playboy Channel.»

Pulled down his pants
The couple created much commotion when the case against them started in Kristiansand Tuesday. They arrived in court ten minutes late, dressed as children.

The biggest commotion occurred during the break when Ellingsen pulled down his pants and showed off his penis.

«We would have liked to have fucked here in court as well, it’s a nice space, but we would probably be thrown in jail,» Ellingsen said to TV 2 Nettavisen. «We want to go back to Germany.»

Both Ellingsen and Johansson pleaded not guilty.

«We would rather be sent to jail than pay,» the couple stated when the court case against them started Tuesday.

The three band members from Cumshots, during which concert the stunt took place, are also charged in the case. They too pleaded not guilty.

«The police have not evolved with the times, and when it occurs in an artistic connection it should not be illegal,» said Kristiopher Schau, lead singer in Cumshots.

Schau has paid his fine of NOK 10,000 (USD 1,567), and he is therefore not charged in the case, but has been called as a witness.

«I can’t honestly understand why you refuse guilt,» said Ingrid Thorsen, public prosecutor and police prosecutor in the case. «Did you not see that a fuck could overshadow your cause.»

The couple’s lawyer Hanne Penzen claimed the couple have done nothing wrong.

«The intercourse on stage during the Quart festival was a political and artistic act protected by the freedom of speech paragraph in the constitution,» Penzen said in court.

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