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Couple has door problems

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The door the couple installed in their newly restored house was historical correct, but they are now facing fines because the door opens the wrong way.

Morten Øren and Tone Solodden paid good money to get a door that is in accordance to time period of their house in downtown Risør, but because houses built during the 19 century normally had doors that swung inwards instead of outwards; the couple is now facing weekly fines of NOK 500 (USD 71) from the local authorities.

The couple is outraged as they have spent a lot of money restoring the house to its former glory, and they paid NOK 20,000 (USD 2857) to get their front door specially made.

“The door is a specially ordered copy of the original door from the time when the house was built,” Solodden explained. “The only thing wrong with it is that it opens the wrong way, but no one would notice unless they opened the door.”

Fire safety

“When we contacted the authorities regarding the fire safety for the house, we were informed to ensure enough fire safety, which we did,” Solodden said. “Since we have small children we are particularly concerned with fire safety, and we therefore decided a door which swing outwards.”

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