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Couple married at a grocery store

When the couple Iljen Blokhus and Svein-Kåre Olsen were getting married to each other once more, the couple decided it would not be at all the same as the first time around.

The couple got married at a Rema 1000 grocery store in Bodø in northern Norway.

The newly weds from Andenes were first married in 1995, but later divorced. At 11 a.m. Thursday afternoon, the couple was formally married at the low priced grocery chain store in Bodø, according to the local paper Avis Nordland.

Birthday gimmick

The reason for the original place for the ceremony was that that Iljen’s sister worked in the store and in connection with the chain’s 25 anniversary, all the departments in the country were invited to compete about the most original way to celebrate the birthday.

“We had plans to get married again, but we would probably have waited a little if my sister hadn’t come up with this suggestion,” Iljen said to the paper.

Five cars

The bride and groom were at the district stipendiary magistrate first and got married there before they arrived at the store with Gisle Johnson from Norwegian Humanist Association in Bodø. He said some words for the couple, and afterwards the customers in the store were invited to a piece of the wedding cake.

“He gave a nice speech, and afterwards we exchanged rings,” Svein-Kåre explained

And if it turns out the way the employees at the store hope, this original birthday celebration may just win them five cars which will be given to the employees.

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