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Crown Prince criticizes news paper

Foto: Dani Cardona (Scanpix/Reuters)
Sist oppdatert:
Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon hits back against tabloid VG, saying that the newspaper was going too far in printing a story about the Crown Princess's relationship to her father on Wednesday.

"For us it is important to express that VG crossed the line today" , the Crown Prince told NRK Television's main news programme on Wednesday.

On behalf of VG, research company Omnijet conducted a survey about the public opinion of the Crown Princess and her relationship with her father, Sven O. Høiby. 49 percent of the respondents said they thought the Crown Princess should re-establish contact with her father.

The survey counted 914 respondents and was used as the base of VG's top story on Wednesday. Apologised Both members of the press and political chief editor Olav Versto criticised the story. Versto regretted printing the story and apologised for it, saying that it should never have been printed. " Some of the descriptions of private relations are unacceptable.

The media should be careful about pulling in third parties and using us to create stories and we hope the media will show consideration when reporting about personal and private relations", the Crown Prince said.

The Crown Prince confirmed that the VG story was upsetting. "We appreciate the fact that VG has apologised for the story. Still, it is important to focus on this regrettable development", he added.

Asked if the story had affected the Crown Princess's pregnancy, he laughed and said he did not think so. "Though it may have disturbed my preparations for my exams", he said.

Per Edgar Kokkvold, leader of the Norwegian press association, calls VG's story "distasteful poking around": "The story represents an invasion of the private sphere", Kokkvold said.

He added that the royals will have to handle public interest and that their private sphere is smaller than that of other public people in Norway: " But they have the right to have a private sphere. It is distasteful to poke around in the relationship between a daughter and a father", Kokkvold told NRK.

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