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Crown Prince gets an electric vehicle

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The Norwegian Royal family has mainly been seen driving dark BMW’s, but the Crown Prince Couple has now made a drastic change and obtained an electric vehicle.

Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, information officer at the Norwegian Royal Court, confirms to the Norwegian news bureau that an electric vehicle is apart the Crown Prince’s fleet of cars.

The new car is not only much more environmental than ordinary cars, but you are also allowed to drive in the carpooling lane. The car may become very useful when the Crown Prince couple moves to Skaugum in Asker because the morning and afternoon traffic between Asker and Oslo is well known problem.

Gjeruldsen can not to confirm that the car will be used for this purpose, but owners of electric vehicles can the cars in the carpooling lane, and thereby avoid the worst traffic.

Neither King Olav nor King Harald used the carpooling lane when they lived at Skaugum, and they were stuck in traffic both in the morning and in the afternoon just as everybody else.

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