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Cucumber man exposed himself

(Foto: Scanpix)
The police allegedly felt that they had to take immediate action when someone called in and reported that «a fat man in women’s clothes, with a cucumber in his mouth» exposed himself.

According to the local paper Moss Avis, the call came in to Østfold police district at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The message was; «fat man in women’s clothes, with a cucumber in his mouth, is observed while he is exposing himself north of the tollgate on E6 at Smørbekk.»

The caller said that he could not give any details of what the man was doing because he had children in the car.

A patrol car from Moss was dispatched to the location, but when they arrived the man had vanished.

The man allegedly carried on close to the road. The question why the man had a cucumber in his month remains unanswered. However, the police characterize the incident as so crazy that they assume it to be some kind of bet.

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