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Customers purchased computers, got bricks

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Three people paid much for their lesson as they were sent bricks instead of new lap top computers.

21.01.04 13:02

A man from Sotra on the western coast of Norway allegedly needed money and placed an ad selling cheap computers on the website Finn.no. After the customers paid NOK 7,500 (USD 1120) in trading charges, they could collect their packages the post office, packages which allegedly contained bricks and a Christmas tree stand.

A 25-year-old man has now been charged for the offences, according to the webpage ba.no.

The 25-year-old placed the ad just before Christmas and promised lap-top computers for NOK 7,500.

At least three people were tempted by the offer, and they all paid the trading charges. The victims were from Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim.

“One of the buyers got a Christmas tree stand, while the other two got a rapped brick when they went to the post office to collect what they thought were completely new lap tops,” said Espen Sjøflot, police officer at Fjell and Sund police office to the local paper BA.

When the police got the first formal complaint, it was allegedly an easy job to find the swindler as the man gave both his e-mail address and phone number in the ad.

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