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Danes drop Norwegian Royal Christening

Foto: Guri Dahl / Tinagent
No members of the Danish royal family will attend Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s christening in Oslo April 17. Crown Princess Victoria is the only royal member coming from Sweden.

Neither Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, nor Crown Prince Fredrik and his fiancée Mary Donaldson, will attend the christening in Norway April 17, according to the Danish paper B.T. Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra are not either planning to attending the christening of Norway’s successor to the throne at Slottskapellet.

Close friendships
There have previously been speculations if an important member of the Danish royal family would be one of godparents for the Norwegian princess. Crown Prince Fredrik, who also was Crown Prince Haakon’s best man, was considered to be the most likely candidate. The close friendship between Queen Sonja of Norway and Queen Margrethe of Denmark was also one of the reasons why it was assumed that the Danish royal family would be represented at the event.

«No one from Denmark are participating,» stated Lis Fredriksen, spokesperson fro the Danish royal family. «They have different functions to attend.»

What functions they are attending in stead have not been released. Fredriksen confirmed to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that Crown Prince Fredrik and his fiancée were invited, but they due to personal reasons will not be able to attend.

Likely godparent
The Swedish royal court confirmed to Aftenposten that Crown Princess Victoria is travelling to Oslo to attend the christening. It is very likely that the Crown Princess will be one of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s godparents.

When Prince Haakon Magnus was christened, he had six godparents, all of them royal. Crown Prince Haakon’s godparents were King Olav of Norway, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, Princess Astrid of Norway, Mrs. Ferner, Princess Anne of the United Kingdom, and Uncle «Mulle», Prince Carl Bernadotte of Sweden.

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