Danish crews claim SAS is dying

As the battle between the SAS management and the employees continues, Danish cabin crews have lost faith in SAS’ future and claim the company will go under if it is not restructured.

The Danish cabin crews have lost all faith in the company and claim it is on its deathbed if it is not restructured. Furthermore, the cabin crews said they have doubts that they will ever reach an agreement with the management.

«SAS will not survive in its current form,» claimed Verner Lundtoft Jensen, foreman for the Danish cabin crews, to the Danish paper Berlingske Tidende Thursday. «SAS is dying, and we do not deserve to survive as the company is run today.»

The Norwegian cabin crews have already accepted an agreement to reduce their salaries, but the agreement with the Swedish and Danish crews are still not reached. Lundtoft Jensen said that the SAS management is putting an unreasonable large amount of responsibility on the company’s employees.

«Even if we worked for free, this would only cover about half of SAS’ deficit on the intercontinental routes,» Lundtoft Jensen said to the paper.

The SAS management has informed that there will be consequences if the employees do not accept a salary reduction.

The management has threatened with mass dismissals, and threatened to cut several routes. There are rumours that SAS may let the German airline Lufthansa take over all the routes between Scandinavia and Germany if the employees do not accept the salary cuts. At the same time, the Danish cabin crews claim that the routes to Bangkok and Singapore may be cancelled as well.

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