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Danish Crown Prince insults Americans

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“In order to be direct, they are often simple, for not to mention one-sided”, said the Danish Crown Prince when talking about the Americans.

Etienne de Monpezat, the Crown Prince’s uncle, got an exclusive for the French magazine Piont de Vue to interview the Crown Prince and his fiancée Mary Donaldson at the Fredensborg Castle.

Crown Prince Fredrik explained during the interview that when he as a young man worked in the United States, he admired the country for its drive, dynamics, and vitality, but after been in contact with other counties he changed his view.

“Simple and one-sided”

“I have gotten a more nuanced view after I realized that there is something wrong with Americans’ qualities. In order to be direct, they often become simple, not to mention one-sided,” Fredrik said to the French magazine.

The controversial comment was made in connection with questions about what the Crown Prince was going to do until the wedding. Fredrik, who is an expert on international relations, said he would continue to teach courses on the subject. He states that when it comes to international relations experience is better than theory, and as an example he mentioned his view of Americans.

“The Danes are slow”

It was not only the Crown Prince who made surprising statements during the exclusive interview. Australian Mary Donaldson, whose picture covered the entire cover, came with a statement which will probably not be appreciated by her new countrymen. She bluntly claimed that the Danes were slow.

On the question of what hit her the first time she visited Denmark, she nicely mentioned the Danes human warmth, the beautiful landscape, the water and the snow.

“Nothing negative?” Etienne de Monpezat asked.

“The Danes are without a doubt a little slow, and the winter seems really long,” Donaldson answered.

Donaldson is engaged to marry Crown Prince Fredrik this spring, and she will become Denmark’s new queen if everything goes according to plan.

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