Danish injury is bad news for Norway

Foto: Dag Langerød (TV 2 Nettavisen)

The fact that Denmark’s natural choice for goalkeeper in Saturday's game against Bosnia left half way through the match against Bolton and Aston Villa Sunday is bad news for Norway’s deciding qualifier game on Saturday.

Thomas Sørensen happens to be Denmark’s most likely choice for goalkeeper on the All Danish team, and Norway is absolutely dependent on Denmark winning over Bosnia because if they do not, Norway is history.

“I have had problems with my back lately, also under the game. The injury was particularly bothering me when I was kicking the ball, and I was therefore not a 100 percent. After consulting it with my manager, I left in the break in order not to make the injury worse,” Sørensen said to the Danish news paper BT.

Sørensen was treated by a doctor after the game but it is unknown if he will be able to play against Bosnia on Saturday.

“It is hard to say how bad it is. I will probably know more on Wednesday or Thursday, but I have a feeling it will all work out,” Sørensen said.

Sørensen has not yet declined playing on the All Danish team on Saturday, but if he can not play, Peter Skov-Jensen from FC Midtjyllands will take over his position.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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