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Danish PM will address pictures with Bush

Foto: Arkiv/Illustrasjon (CBS News/60 Minutes II)
Pictures of American soldiers abusing naked Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison have done irreparable damage for the coalition’s work in Iraq, stated the Danish prime minister.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he is going to address the case with President George W. Bush when they meet in Washington DC on May 28, reported NTB-Ritzau.

«These are terrible pictures,» said Fogh Rasmussen to the Danish TV2. «It is necessary to address the case and extraordinary steps have to be made in order to restore the trust of the Iraqi people and the other Arabian countries.»

«It is a requirement that the international coalition sets a good example with the highest respect for human rights,» Fogh Rasmussen said. «This point has been irreparably damaged.»

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