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Deaf woman got bill for phone donation

An organization claims that Jadwuga Sosna agreed to donate money after a telephone call, but Sosna is deaf and cannot even hear when the phone rings.

The Sosna family were completely in the dark when they got the bill of NOK 240 (USD 34) from the organization Mot Vold, reported the local paper Drammens Tidende Monday.

“Mommy can’t hear, so this is impossible,” said her daughter Kamilla Sosna. “She can’t even hear when the phone rings.”

No one in the family remembers the call from the organization, and they suspect that the organization is sending out bills for donations that never have been agreed upon.

The organization Mot Vold does preventative work against violence, and the Norwegian Consumer Council has, according to the paper, gotten two similar complaints from two persons who state that they have received bills for donations without ever being in contact with the organization.

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