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Dog ate dead owner

When the dead man was found, he had been dead a month and half, and his dog had started to eat him.

The man had no close family and lived alone. He died at his cabin and a neighbour discovered the body Saturday night. The deceased had probably been dead for several weeks, according to the local paper Agderposten.

The deceased is from a small town in Aust-Agder, but in consideration to the deceased’s family and posthumous reputation, the police refused to name the town and, because of the same reason, the police officers commenting on the case want to remain anonymous.

«This is just tragic,» the police officer said to the paper. «He has apparently been there for a month, yes, even a month and a half. Through investigation of the cabin, no evidence of criminal involvement in the death was located.»

«There as a dog in the cabin, and it was still alive,» the police stated. «There are things that indicate that the dog had been eating pieces of the deceased.»

The dog was immediately put down.

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