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Dog saves 4-year-old boy

The little dog became a big hero when he convinced his master that he needed to follow him to down to the water. 4-year-old Daniel sat there alone and soaked to the bone.

The Dachshund Agathon refused to give in so his owner, Ivar Lunde, who got out of the car, into the pouring rain, and followed the little dog down to the water. By the edge of the water sat Daniel, 4, by himself.

The four-year-old had run off from his mother at a store in Hillevåg, Rogaland, Saturday. His mother, Monica Refsnes, was at the store with Daniel’s 8-month-old baby brother and his big brother, age 6. In the chaos which often arises with three children at a busy store, Daniel disappeared from the store. That was the last his mother saw of him for the next two hours, according to the local paper Stavanger Aftenblad.

Walking the dog

Meanwhile, Lunde unleashed his dog at the Marierostranden, a considerable distance from the store. The rain was coming down hard, and Lunde put the heat on in the car to keep the cold at bay, while the dog was running around outside.

Suddenly, the dog started barking in an unusual way. Lunde asked the dog to be quiet and return to him, but the dog ignored him. When Agathon a couple of minutes later did return, he refused to get into the car. In stead he stood just outside the car and barked.


Lunde finally got out of the car, but Agathon still did not follow orders. In stead, the dog ran off towards the sea, stopped and looked for his master. Lunde followed his dog slowly, with a bad knee and the rain pouring down.

“A little boy sat by the shoreline,” Lunde said. “He had his pants at his knees and was soaked to the bone.”

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