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Dolphin hunt for disappeared sub

Sist oppdatert:
Specially trained dolphins are looking for an unmanned American submarine which went missing outside Kristiansand in southern Norway last week.

The American Minesweeper USS Swift was Tuesday afternoon looking for an American submarine outside Kristiansand, reported TV 2 Nyhetene.

An intense search for the unmanned submarine is being conducted with the assistance of specially trained dolphins.

The submarine is apparently very similar to the Norwegian AUV boat. The Americans lost control over the submarine Thursday of last week, and the craft is allegedly so unique that the Americans wish to keep it a secret.

USS Swift, which has the operative responsibility of the submarine, cancelled the training mission «Blue Game» in order to continue the search for the craft.

A coast guard vessel from the Norwegian navy participated in the search for the submarine this weekend.

«We are available if the Americans want further assistance in the search,» said Captain Thom Knustad from the Norwegian Royal Navy.

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