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Double UEFA hat trick for Norwegian player

Foto: Morten Holm (Scanpix)
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After unbelievably scoring six goals in one match in the UEFA cup against Runavik, 18-year-old Lyn Oslo striker Eldar Hadzihmemedovic says he hopes Norway loses against his home country Bosnia next weekend.

LYN - RUNAVIK 6-0: Bosnian Hadzihmemedovic has been put on Lyn's bench most of the season, but did a fantastic job for the Oslo team yesterday, putting one hat trick in the first half followed by another hat trick in the second half.

"I did not quite understand what happened out there. The goals just kept coming. It is the best thing I have ever experienced on the football pitch", he smiled.

Eldar Hadzihmemedovic has only played two matches for Lyn this season, in addition to substituting on a few.

"I feel I have not been given enough chances. When you jump in towards the end of a match, there is not enough time to prove anything ", he said.

Eldar Hadzihmemedovic stresses that he is happy with sacked manager Teitur Thordarson despite not having had as much time on the pitch as he wanted:

"I am happy with Teitur. He believed in me and wanted to make me take out my potential. He has supported me and showed me a lot about football" , he said.

Scoring a double hat trick is, needless to say, big for a striker. Though life has not been all smiles for Eldar Hadzihmemedovic. When joining the Lyn team he dramatically increased the amount of training and overdid it, the result being that he had to spend a whole season rebuilding himself. He is now thanking his family for being back:

"I was far down. The one who supported me the most was my father" .

The 18-year-old has applied for a Norwegian passport and believes in a football future in Norway. Though he is in no doubt when asked if he supports Norway or Bosnia:

"I support Bosnia. I still have feelings for my home country", he said.

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