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Drinking and driving with police as witness

A man from Trøndelag was apparently having a party all by himself as he was observed by the police drinking and driving Saturday morning.

The obviously intoxicated man in his 20s was stopped around 8 a.m. Saturday close to the railway station in downtown Levanger after a police officer saw him drinking beer behind the wheel, according to the local paper Adresseavisen.

According to the police, the man’s driving was obviously impaired and he clearly appeared to be intoxicated. The excess blood-alcohol concentration was registered at 2 per thousand, according to the Northern Trøndelag police district.

«He was alone in the car and was released after we had secured evidence,» stated Jon Berger, head of operations. «He has not been questioned yet.»

The man had to submit a blood test and hand in his driver’s license. He is most likely facing imprisonment, a fine, and two years without a driver’s license due to his little joy ride.

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