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Driver hits girl while sending text messages

Sist oppdatert:
A 30-year-old man is charged with murder after he ran down and killed a 4-year-old while sending text messages on his cell phone.

According to the police, the use of a cell phone was the reason why the driver did not manage to stop the car when Martine Skagen, 4, ran into the street, the paper VG reports.

Since the law forbidding hand held cell phones in cars took effect, this can be the first case where sending text messages behind the wheel comes in front of a judge.

The accident occurred July 25 of this year, when Martine and her 3-year-old friend were crossing a road at Herøy in Nordland. The 3-year-old ran first and when Martine followed, she was hit by the car. She died as a result of the injures.

Print outs of the driver’s cell phone records indicate massive traffic during the last half hour before the accident occurred, and the last text message was sent one minute and 50 seconds before the driver called the emergency number, according to VG.

The driver has allegedly admitted to sending and receiving text messages while he was driving, but he claims they did not interfere with his driving.

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