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Drunk driver gave the police the finger

As the notorious drunk driver came tearing down the street at 190 kilometres per hour and with an excess blood-alcohol concentration of more than one per thousand, he gave the police the finger.

16.06.04 09:56

The 35-year-old man can expect a severe punishment when he is scheduled to appear in at Oslo county court in August. He is charged with 11 cases of driving under the influence and a number of other traffic offences, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

The offences have occurred during the last five years, mainly in Oslo. The man has had a blood alcohol level of between 0.72 and 1.62 per thousand.

One of the most severe offences occurred in May 2000, when the man drove in 190 kilometres per hour (about 118 MPH) on E6 at Skedsmo, where the regular speed limit is 90 kilometres per hour (about 55 MPH). The police erected several road blocks, and when he passed them he gave them the finger through the sun roof.

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