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Drunken Norwegian went crazy on plane

A Norwegian man went off the deep end when the crew refused to serve him more beer on the flight to Oslo, and now he refuses to pay the fine.

According to the police, the crew tried repeatedly to calm down the 47-year-old man as he became more and more aggressive when he was refused more beer on the Braathens’ flight from Svalbard in November last year.

When the plane landed on Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen, the man was arrested by the police and thrown in the arrest, according to the Norwegian paper VG.


The man is now refusing to pay the NOK 15,000 (USD 2100) fine, and as a result he is due to meet at Eidsvoll county court charged with breeching the aviation act and vagrancy act. The suspect claims that he is innocent of all charges because the crew and police overreacted.

“What the police claim that I have done is just nonsense,” the 47-year-old told the paper. “I got a seat between two other passengers, and because my buddy was sitting on the other side of the gangway, so I asked the guy next to me if we could change places, but he refused. I probably called him for faggot or something, but I did not mean too much with it.”

According to the man, the offensive use of words is among other things due to the work environment he is apart of at Svalbard. The man claim that the crew and the police are overreacting.

It was after take-off at Svalbard November 1, 2002, the man started to consume alcohol. According to the police at Romeriket, all hell broke loose after the intermediate landing in Tromsø.

Threatened a purser

The 47-year-old allegedly started to act up when he was refused more beer. He threatened the male purser repeatedly. The man allegedly several times stated that he was going to give him a beating and that he was going to smash the door to the cockpit and make hell if he did not get more beer.

Nina Monssen, the defendant’s lawyer, has asked the police to further investigate the case.

“The case concerns rather minor offences,” she said to the paper. “My client refuses to accept the fine.”

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