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DVD-Jon pleaded not guilty again

Jon Lech Johansen, alias DVD-Jon, stood in front of the judges for the second time Tuesday and once more pleaded not guilty for breaking into his own DVD.

The 20-year-old computer expert entered Borgating Court of Appeals and once again pleaded not guilty to the charge of breaking into his own DVD. Johansen is meeting in court again to fight the accusations from a powerful film industry and Økokrim, the central unit for investigating and prosecuting economic and environmental crime.


Three judges and four lay assessors, where of two of them are computer experts, are going to rule in the case after receiving an introduction in complicated computer technology.

Økokrim took action against Johansen the winter of 2000 after he had published a program on the Internet which made it possible to disengage the copy lock CSS on DVDs.

Crushing victory

The film industry was the first to who filed a formal complaint on Johansen because of the publication of his program DeCSS.

January 6 of this year, Johansen won a crushing victory over Økokrim in Oslo county court, but it was appealed. The case started Tuesday and will run for two weeks.

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