Easier to get a job if already employed

When employers are hiring a new person, the majority prefer to hire a person who already has a job in stead of someone who is unemployed.

A Swedish survey called «Velger bedrifter bort arbeidsløse jobbsøkere?» (Do companies choose not to hire unemployed applicants?) indicate that many employers have a hard time with the unemployed.

The survey indicates that the likelihood of being contacted by an employer decreases if you are unemployed, reports the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Nyheter.

There may be many advantages to employing someone who is not coming directly from another job. An unemployed person can most likely start sooner and may not have the same salary demands. However, it appears that many view unemployment very negatively, and many think it may be due to incompetence or poor social intelligence.

«Unemployed are sorted out in the same way as the elderly, women, or others are taken out,» said Stefan Eriksson, who did the research together with his colleague Jonas Lagerström.

If the applicant in addition has other characteristics which are viewed in a less than favorable light, the effect is even greater.

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