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Ecological food's popularity increases

Grocery chains that carry ecological food reports a large revenue increase in Norway.

NorgesGruppen, which among others include the chains Kiwi, Meny, Ultra and Spar, increased its sale of ecological food with 27 percent. So far this year, the increase is of 30 percent, and the chain management expects a two numbered revenue growth both this year and next year. According to the paper Nationen, the total revenue of the group is close to NOK 100 million (USD 14.7 million) on ecological products.

«Before it was just alternative people who wanted such products, but now we see that among others TV chiefs like Jamie Oliver and Trond Moi are promoting ecological food,» said Kenneth Lindland, head of the ecological department at the Meny chain, to the paper. «Trendy people often like to associate with trendy chiefs.»

It is Meny and Ultra which are behind the focus on ecological products, but also the competing chain Coop reports an increased interest for ecological food among the consumers.

In spite of the hearty growth, the general sale of ecological agricultural products is decreasing.

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