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Education pays little in Norway

Sist oppdatert:
In Norway, the rate of return of formal higher education is at the bottom compared to other countries in the industrial world.

The salary increase by using several years of your life studying compared to entering into work life earlier is small in Norway compared to other countries in the industrial world, reports the Norwegian daily Bergens Tidende.

According to Education at a Glance 2003, published by OECD, the rate of return by taking higher education in stead of advancement training on the job is at 35 percent in Norway. The percentage in Hungary is 110 and 86 in the US. However, Sweden falls behind Norway at 31 percent.

Kristin Clemet, minister of education and research, said that she does not believe it is going to become more profitable to get a higher education in the future. She claims the motivation to get a higher education should not be to get a fatter pay check.

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