Elderly lady argued against Lotto prize

Foto: (scanpix)

The representative calling the elderly lady, who had won the first prize at Lotto Saturday, had a hell of time convincing the woman that she had won the grand prize.

«It’s not the first of April today, you know, and it’s not nice to trick people,» the lady complained to Norsk Tipping when a representative called her with the news.

The lady had selected all the right numbers and won more than NOK 2 million (USD 289,800), but as the representative from Norsk Tipping was quick to discover, it was not an easy task to convince her.

The lady’s husband was going to double check the numbers, and the situation did not approve at all when there was a mix up of numbers, and the situation just snowballed.

«No, this is not at all fun, it’s not nice to trick people,» the lady said.

Finally, 20 minutes later, the couple accepted that they actually had won the grand prize

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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