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Employers say alcohol and work mix well

Foto: (Scanpix)
One of five Norwegian employers said they did not mind if their employees took a drink at work during the days before Christmas.

The survey conducted by Monster.no in 13 countries, indicate that Norwegians attitude to alcohol during working hours in the days before Christmas is different from the other countries participating.

“If we remove the Norwegians who have a more liberal attitude to drinking at work before Christmas, there is still one of four Norwegians who states that it is acceptable to consume alcohol during working hours,” said Charlotte Evenseth, area manager for Norway at Monster.

Close to 24,000 people participated in the survey regarding drinking during working hours. Internationally 57 percent said it was unacceptable to drink, 28 percent said a glass of wine or a beer was acceptable for lunch, while 8 percent said that the colleagues often took a drink at lunch.

Just above 1250 Norwegians participated in the survey. Six of ten said it was unacceptable to drink during working hours. 14 percent said it was acceptable to take a beer or a glass of vine to lunch, while seven percent said that the colleagues often took a drink at work.

“We are almost equal to Sweden, but what is may be more surprising is the fact that we are in front of the Danes,” Evenseth said.

As much as eight of ten Danes said no to alcohol during working hours, only the Dutch are more restrictive. 86 percent of the people surveyed in the Netherlands states that alcohol is to be consumed when you are off duty.

When it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages at lunch, almost half of the English participating in the survey said that a glass of beer or wine at lunch was acceptable. Belgium was not far behind, and Italy and France followed closely.

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