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EU supporters are loosing ground

44.1 percent of the people participating in the October survey said yes to a Norwegian membership in the European Union, a decrease of 3.3 percent points since last month. The opponents are stable at 42.1 percent compared to 42.3 in September.

Sentio-Norsk Statistikk conducted the survey which indicates that the number of people who are unsure is increasing, on behalf for the papers Nationen, Dagen and Klassekampen.

Nationen states that the supports are loosing ground particularly in Socialist Left Party (SV) where only one out of four is for European Union membership. There is also a change of attitude among women and young people. In May said 53 percent of Norwegian women yes to the European Union, while in the new survey the support is 39 percent.

The people against the European Union mainly live in Northern, Central and on the Western coast of Norway.

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