Expensive anti-terror measures

The increased security measures installed at 46 airports in Norway after the terror attacks against the US three years ago have amounted to the millions.

The security measures at the airports have doubled the costs of running an airport since September 11, 2001, reported the Norwegian television channel NRK. The improvements have amounted to NOK 700 million (USD 102.7 million), increasing the price of all airline tickets with an average of NOK 42 (USD 6.16).

The security on board the planes has also been improved during the last three years. Among other things, all the doors to the cockpits have been changed due to new regulations requiring that the doors are bullet proof and that the open only from the inside.

According to Ove Narvesen, director of communication at Avinor, the company that owns and operates 46 airports nation wide, the aviation security is better than ever before.

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