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Expensive journalist strike

Norway’s three largest papers lost millions on the journalist strike which finally came to an end Saturday night.

Journalists had been on strike for 11 days because of pension plans, when the strike ended Saturday around 10 p.m. The Norwegian people could once again enjoy their papers Sunday morning, but the strike had its price.

According to CEO Aslak Ona at VG, the journalist strike most likely cost the paper NOK 2 million (USD 294,000) per day, minus the NOK 250,000 (USD 37,000) the paper received in support from the Confederation of Norwegian Businesses and Industry (NHO).

In other words, VG lost about NOK 15 and 20 million (USD 2.2 and 2.9 million) the 11 days the strike lasted, according to the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv.

Editor in Chief Thor Gjermund Eriksen at Dagbladet estimates that his paper lost between NOK 10 (USD 1.47 and 2.2 million) on the strike.

However, the strike appears to have hit the Norwegian daily Aftenposten the hardest. Editor in Chief Hans Erik Matre estimates that the paper lost between NOK 25 and 30 million (USD 3.67 and 4.4 million).

The editors stated that they are also worried that people’s buying pattern has changed as a result of the conflict. This may mean further losses. VG readers in average buy the paper 150 times a year, and Ona states that if the pattern has changed to for example 147, the paper will loose millions.

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