Expert claims overweight prevents pregnancy

Foto: (Scanpix)

Test-tube fertilization expert Johan Hazekamp states that one in ten women could improve their chances of becoming pregnant if they loose some weight.

Hazekamp is chief physician at the fertility department at Volvat Medisinske Senter in Oslo. He treats more than 350 women annually who have problems becoming pregnant.

«Obesity is often connected to hormone disturbances, and hormones are very important when it comes to pregnancy and ovulation, but also in order to get the body to keep the embryo,» Hazekamp said to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24.

Hazekamp said that obesity is becoming a more and more common reason why people need help.

«If a woman weighs too much it may create an unbalance in the hormone system which again reduces the woman’s opportunity to become pregnant,» Hazekamp stated.

According to Hazekamp, it is more becoming more and more common for him to advise women who are greatly overweight to diet before they return for treatment, but there is often little time.

«Women in the end of their thirties don’t really have the time to wait for six months in order to reduce their weight, but if they have time, that is very good,» Hazekamp said to the radio channel.

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