Expert welcomes Lidl competition

Foto: (AFP/Scanpix)

Marketing expert Hans Mathias Thjømøe said it is about time Norwegian grocery stores get some real competition. The German grocery chain Lidl opens Thursday.

20.09.04 11:15

Thjømøe, lecturer in marketing at the Norwegian School of Management, claims there is a reason why there are people in Norway who have made their fortune on grocery stores, reported the Norwegian television channel NRK.

The German discount grocery chain Lidl opens its first stores in Norway Thursday. Since the announcement of Lidl’s establishment in Norway, there has been much speculation about its affects on the market. Thjømøe said it is about time the competition on the market improves.

«They have had it too good for too long, and the competition is good for the customers,» Thjømøe said to NRK.

He stated that the price differences between the existing chains are small, but with Lidl, Thjømøe predicts that the situation will change. However, it may become difficult for some stores since the density of stores are already high.

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