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Experts claim method unfit to identify abuse

(TV 2 Nettavisen)
Observation of play and talking are not the best ways to find out if children have been abused, according to specialists who have investigated the practice of psychiatrists and psychologists questioning children.

Annika Melinder, dr. philos and special psychologist, claims that it is difficult to get creditable information from children through their play.

«A method has been adopted in spite of knowing better,» Melinder said to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24. «This is unheard.»

According to Melinder, Norway is the only country in the western world which uses this type of evaluation to determine whether or not children have been abused.

Also the leader of the investigation group, Inger Myhr, is sceptical to the method. Myhr claims that the entire method should be phased out because there are so few cases which are solved.

Melinder claims the police are much better at questioning children than psychologists. In one survey she conducted, the police ask better and more open ended questions than the specialists.

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