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Experts want more inmates low security prisons

Foto: Scanpix

Norwegian experts want more inmates to serve in low security prisons. Today 17 percent of all murderers and 27 percent of all sexual offenders are serving in these kinds of facilities.

“We must remember that we do not imprison people of life in Norway,” said Hedda Giertsen, criminologist at University of Oslo, to the Norwegian daily, Dagsavisen. “It is necessary to have gradual processes that lead them back to a normal life.”

Inger-Marie Fridhov, manager at the Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council, said Norway should do the same thing as Denmark where in principle all inmates should serve in low security prisons unless there are significant arguments against it.

According to numbers from the Justice Department, there are 824 inmates in low security prisons, a total of 28 percent of the inmates in Norway.

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