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Extended rights for couples living together

Norwegian politicians have decided to extend the rights of couples living together so that they get rights more similar to married couples.

In Norway one of three couples who live together as husband and wife are not married. Norwegian politicians are now taking this into account and want to give these couples almost the same rights as married couples.

Today couples who get married automatically get some rights that unmarried couples do not. Stortinget has decided that non-married couples living together are going to get close to the same rights as married couples, according to the Norwegian television channel TV 2.

«We have tried to look at the things that affect the children, among other things parental responsibility,» said Dagrun Eriksen, member at Stortinget, to TV 2.

Some of the new rights will be; automatic shared parental custody, same right to inherited as married couples and obligatory mediation in case the relationship falls apart.

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