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Extra planes to collect Norwegians

Between seven and ten SAS plans are being sent to Thailand as soon as possible in order to collect Scandinavians who want to leave the disaster area.

Norwegians, who are not injured, but all the same want to leave Thailand, will get help to get home.

«On our request, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted colleagues in Sweden and Denmark,» said Rold Forsdahl, travel director at Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises, to TV 2 Nettavisen. «Between seven and ten SAS planes have been requested and are being prepared to be sent down.»

Forsdahl said that the planes will be put in operation soon, but the exact time had not yet been announced Wednesday morning.

«It appears as there will be enough capacity to send everyone home,» he stated.

However, it is a requirement that the passengers manage to the Phuket airport.

«It’s a problem that not everyone who is going home is in Phuket,» Forsdahl stressed. «Some are outside the area, and others can’t get here. We may get a situation where planes are available in Phuket to accept passengers, but people do not manage to get to the airport.»

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