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Fair chocolate in Norway

Max Havelaar, the Norwegian Fair Trade Association, is negotiating with the chocolate producer Nidar regarding making so called fair chocolate for the Norwegian market.

The goal is to ensure that cocoa producers receive better payment for their products.

The Max Havelaar fair trade logo is a guarantee that for good trading practices between the north and south. In Great Britain the British Coop chain has made its own chocolate product based on a similar arrangement, and the company experienced a sale increase of 25 percent, according to the paper Vårt Land.

The report «Bitter sjokolade» (bitter chocolate) from the Future in our hands research institute (FIFI) indicates that the primary commodity price on cocoa in 2002 only was one third of the price in 1982. At the same time, the demand for chocolate in western countries has increased.

FIFI’s report stresses that the cocoa farmers’ income should be stabilized through a minimum price on the product. However, the best opportunity for development is that the poor cocoa producers are given assistance to get out to the raw material trap by giving the farmers themselves the opportunity to refine the cocoa.

In average, every Norwegian consumes 8.6 kilo chocolate annually, which makes Norwegians’ consumption forth in the world.

The Norwegian producers Freia and Nidar sell chocolate and candy products for about NOK 2.5 billion (USD 367 million) annually, while the poor cocoa farmers receive next to nothing.

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