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Fake doctor issued drugs to friends

The Norwegian, who pretended to be a doctor, working at one of the hospitals in Sweden issued prescription narcotics to himself, his friends and patients.

Swedish health authorities are now considering filing a formal complaint against the man who played doctor at a hospital in Torsby in western Sweden, reported the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24.

“He prescribed narcotics to himself, his friends and to his patients,” confirmed Ulf Öhman, regional commissioner in Värmland.

The administration is now looking through all the prescriptions the man wrote. At the time being, they do not know how many patients the man treated, but they have established a crisis phone for his patients to call.

The Norwegian has studied in Poland, but never completed his education, but he got a job at the hospital in Torsby all the same.

Several cheaters
It has earlier been revealed that three other Norwegian doctors have cheated themselves to a doctor’s job. Öhman rejects this. He claims that these people had their papers in order, but they worked more than what is normal for interns.

“It is our own organization that has made a mistake,” Öhman stated. “I feel very sorry for these ambitious people we have denounced as fake doctors. It is our own organization that has allowed them to do too much.”

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